About Manish Pharasi

Manish Pharasi and his organization blends the best from the fields of Personal Excellence and creates a powerful package that is results focused. It does not leave the participants with a set of concepts that are just good to hear and have a ‘feel good’ factor. Instead all the services offered viz: workshops, seminars, books, online courses invokes changes in clients at a ‘cellular’ level and completely transforms their ‘subconscious blueprint’ related to success in every key aspect of their lives viz:- career, wealth, health, relationships, spirituality and fulfillment.

Manish has already trained and coached close to 11,000 people to improve their job and life skills. He has worked across the globe and is an author of 5 books in Management and Personal Excellence. He is backed by a powerful team of facilitators with an equally impressive experience.

Manish is an expert in integrating knowledge from diverse fields and designing solutions that directly hit the very nerve that drives change in a human being. It’s a very unique and powerful ability he has. He can design the most apt solution that works best for people on the fly. He has developed tools and procedures that on constant application completely change the ‘subconscious blueprint’ thereby enabling faster realization of targeted results.

Also, Manish and his team have a unique blend of experience that spans across Business Change and Innovation, Business Excellence and People Excellence. The integration of this real life experience has been built into all their products & offerings viz: Workshops, Seminars, Books and online/offline coaching.

Unveil The Incredible You


Who is it for? This book is for anyone who believes in taking charge of their life, rather than living a life defined by others. If you believe that you can bring about positive changes in yourself, and if you have the desire to create the best version of self to become intrinsically happy and fulfilled in key areas of life, this book is sure to appeal to you. It is meant for anyone who wants to fulfill and live her biggest dreams and is willing to put in the effort in developing herself to the level that she attracts those dreams.

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