Change and Innovation

Change and Innovation

2 Day Change Management Workshop

This is a powerful 2 day Change Management workshop that aims to change the ‘mental blueprint’ of the participants in relation to any change effort that they are working on. The workshop is meticulous blend of both right and left brain techniques and has proven to equip the participants to act as powerful catalysts and change agents to be at the forefront of the change efforts.

Objectives/ Outcomes/ Key topics

The workshop enables the participants to understand:

  • How to assess a change situation objectively
  • Method to understand what kind of resistance is being offered to change
  • How to define an inspiring ‘change vision’
  • How to create a robust change management strategy aligned to change vision
  • How to create an executable change management plan
  • How to effectively influence beliefs, values and identities to drive lasting change
  • How to identify, define and track the metrics that would be impacted by the change effort

Target Audience

  • All key members driving the change effort: people responsible & accountable to drive change should form major chunk of participants. Should also include some of the key members who are impacted by the change.
  • In case of merger/ acquisition scenarios the key members of both organizations.

2 Day Disruptive Innovation Workshop

‘Disruption’ is the new reality in every Industry we can think of today. The average life span of organizations in Fortune 500 has been constantly shrinking over the past few decades: only 12.2% of the companies that were there in Fortune 500 in 1955 were still there in 2014 and almost 88% of the companies from 1955 have gone bankrupt. The primary reason is the coming up of new products/solutions that are embracing every Industry almost every day. The closure of big organizations would get all the more frequent unless they do something that they have never done before. This calls for a complete transformation in the thinking of key leaders in the organizations to embrace ‘Disruption’ with open arms. They also need to consciously get ready to not only support the effort but also get at the fore front themselves leading the efforts. This workshop is designed specifically to achieve this end and has been successfully conducted to induct senior leaders (CXOs) and key ideators into ‘Disruptive’ thinking. The participants have not only been able to understand the kind of strategic intervention required to Institutionalize Disruptive thinking but also been able to generate some ‘big’ ideas to work on.

Another unique feature of this workshop is that it also focuses on understanding and influencing the “Innovation Blueprint” of the participants. This requires work at an Individual level. The idea is that tools, techniques, strategy, frameworks form an “outer” world of Innovation but each individual also needs to have an understanding of self to really work with this “outer” world of Innovation. So we label it as an “Inner” world of Innovators. Under this they need to understand and answer following questions in relation to themselves:

  • Who am I and how do I think about Innovation?
  • What are my beliefs related to Innovation?
  • What are my habits and traits?
  • How do I relate to others?
  • How confident am I to drive Innovation and take it from concept to execution to results?

So what is Disruptive Innovation?

An Innovation is categorized as Disruptive when the Innovator brings to the market an Innovation that is simple, convenient, accessible and affordable. Disruptive Innovation makes the service/product accessible to a much wider population. Thus, it creates new markets.

How is it different from other types of Innovations?

The other type of Innovation falls under ‘continuous improvement’ ambit and is known as Sustaining Innovation. Sustaining Innovation is simply about making what we have better. Its focus is continuous improvement in existing products/services/ processes with an objective to satisfy/retain the top customers. This type of Innovation does not create any new markets.

What else would the workshop cover?

In addition to concepts highlighted above, the workshop would also touch upon:

  • Understanding and Influencing the “Innovation Blueprint” of participants by ways of concepts, declarations and mind exercises spread across the workshop at right intervals. The declerations and mind exercises have their roots in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Examples of Disruptive Innovation
  • What ecosystems organizations practicing Disruptive Innovation work with
  • Disruption types:
    • Business Model Disruption
    • Marketing & Advertising Disruption
    • Product/ Service Disruption
  • Environmental Factors & their importance in Disruptive Innovation
  • An Individual framework to kick-start ‘Disruptive Thinking’
  • 3 Pillars of Disruptive Innovation: Culture, Structure & Communication
  • Framework to come out with ‘Big Ticket’ ideas
  • Idea Evaluation framework based on 12 factors related to Profitability, Marketability and Practicality of ideas.
  • ‘3 Box’ Innovation Strategy
  • Execution Framework for ‘3 Box Innovation Strategy’
  • Breakout session to Ideate ‘Big ideas’
  • Select the top 3 ideas for execution
  • Create first level action plan for top 3 ideas
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