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Mr. Manish Pharasi is an Amazon Best Selling author, Founder of IncredibleU and has an Industry experience of 20+ years across the globe. During the course of his work life Manish has trained, coached and positively impacted close to 30000+ people across the globe.

Manish now wants to contribute to the vision of creating an “Incredible India” by awakening the country men to their own incredible selves. He has taken up a mission to “impact at least a million lives by 2025” calling it as “mission IncredibleU”.

He has been featured both nationally and internationally. Some of these are:

  1. As India’s Dynamic Change Maker in UK’s Soul Central Magazine


  1. As an inspiring author and speaker in Vigilantis Radio, USA


  1. As a best selling author in “The Inspiring Talk”


As a founder of IncredibleU he goes with the belief that each individual is inherently capable of becoming and living as his/her “best version” everyday. His recent book on the subject titled “Unveil the Incredible You” touched the Amazon Best Seller status. This book covers the time-tested principles in self-development and leadership development. It comes from his vast experience of driving targeted change management, personal development, innovation and goal setting workshops plus his one on one coaching engagements. He has simplified and put only those techniques that cause change in people at a deep subconscious level. Manish’s programs have proven their worth in enabling Individuals to become and live as their “Best versions” everyday.  As per Manish “these workshop invoke changes in participants at a ‘cellular’ level and completely transforms their ‘subconscious blueprint’ related to success in every key aspect of their lives viz:- career, wealth, health, relationships, spirituality. This also enables organizations to get the best of their people in driving big initiatives like Leader Mindset development, People development, Innovation, Automation.”


Manish has had a successful career track across domains and industries since he passed out from IIT-BHU in 1995. After working in Reliance Industries Ltd for 2 years he decided to pursue his MBA from IBS-Hyderabad. After graduating in 1999 Manish did freelancing work in arena of Business Intelligence and enabling People Development. During this stint he also co-authored 3 books in the year 2000 on the emerging topics of Knowledge Management, e-Commerce and ERP.  These books were circulated to managers of small and medium enterprises across the SAARC nations and gave the managers much needed education on these topics. Manish then came back to Industry and joined Airtel in Nov 2001. This started his foray into driving Business Excellence, People change and Innovation. He became a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, APICS certified Supply Chain Professional, a Master Practitioner and Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. His diverse yet complementary skills enabled him to add lot of value to the organizations and clients he worked across the globe covering India, US, Europe, Asia Pac and Middle East.

In 2015 he came up with another book titled FOSIL: Fabrics of a Spirited Life that seamlessly blends life fun & frolic of college life with life changing principles. The book has been acknowledged as life changing by a number of readers.