IncredibleU Offerings

IncredibleU Offerings

3 day

The 3 Day intense “” workshop brings world class tools, principles and techniques to create a lasting change in the attendees and puts them on track to become and live as their “best versions” every day. The workshop is divided into 2 parts :

  • First part talks about the two “Foundational Principles” upon which the entire philosophy of “” rests. These are “Understanding Brain’s Plasticity” and “Getting Access to Infinite Intelligence” within.
  • The second part is about understanding, practicing and successfully installing “12 Principles” within an Individual through powerful, proven and practical methods, frameworks and tools. The workshop works at a “cellular” level change and aims at changing the “subconscious blueprint” of success.

Participants experience a considerable change and a different self once they attend the workshop. They feel that their world is changing; and they start seeing themselves as someone who is on a much higher plane of capability or potential. They would start experiencing different results and start hearing a much more positive inner voice. Compare this to watching a cricket match on a Television alone and watching the same match with a group of friends or in a stadium. There is tremendous difference in the energy levels. Same is the case when a participant lives, practices, discusses and embrace the ‘’ principles along with a group of like-minded individuals in a workshop. When everyone around wants to take charge of their lives and create a difference for themselves, their loved ones and to the whole world; the level of energy is unbelievable.

The Workshop would empower individuals with strategies that would help them achieve much more in less time and without struggling or stretching. The workshop would ingrain deep within them all the Principles of being the “Best version” of themselves. The workshop is designed in a manner that it keeps participants in a peak state and makes a strong Imprint on their unconscious mind such that the ‘’ principles become permanently itched in their minds.

Benefits for Attendees

The workshop learnings once implemented is known to yield the following benefits:

  • Convert Desires into Tangible Outcomes
  • Enabling defining of tangible goals and increasing the rate of achievement by at least two times
  • A complete change in subconscious blueprint related to any priority in life:
  • Mastery over powerful tools to attract wealth and achieve any goal
  • Power to change one’s mental State at will
  • A 60- day Self-Improvement Plan to carry forth the learnings from the session
  • Doubling the rate of achievement of financial goals
  • Access to powerful communication techniques to expedite career growth
  • Enhanced ability to Live in Peak Energy State right through the day
  • Lifelong access to powerful mind tools to reach peak state of happiness, confidence, passion, motivation at will.

A quick and powerful experience of the key “” Principles can be done through a three-hour-seminar various versions of which have been done for various corporates over the past ten years. This seminar pumps up the participants to take up any challenge and helps them appreciate their true power. The participants will be able to appreciate during the seminar how small in reality is the size of their problems when compared to the enormous power they possess within. The seminar is full of relevant, fun filled stories that help in driving home the learnings in an interesting manner and participants have found the message to be long lasting and ‘sticking’. During the seminar itself the participants are able to experience high energy levels and a feeling of oneness with each other. It has enabled them to get empowered to take charge of their lives and embark on a self-development journey. They realize that the only way to get more in life is by ‘becoming’ more than what they have ever been.

This seminar has been constantly evolving over the years and is best for various groups within an organization who want to evolve into their “best”. It’s a proven fact that when people become their best then the organization gets its best. Imagine an organization or a business unit where each individual realizes his/her tremendous potential and delivers his/her best at all times. Leadership is an attitude, and it’s more about accepting responsibility for results, taking charge of oneself and the situation, developing others and so on. This seminar triggers this powerful thinking and it is designed to give this experience to the participants. Attending this seminar and then going through this book creates the right leadership development package for an organization.

Guest Lecture

This is a 90-minute guest lecture on this topic which is designed in a manner that it gives a lot of food for thought to the attendees on how they can take charge of their lives and become their “best versions”. This talk covers the key aspects of both Part 1 and Part 2 of this book and is meticulously structured to give the maximum value. Distribution of the book to the participants is an option that will give an added value.

Personalized Coaching

This is a premium service that is directed at offering personalized coaching spread over 12-20 sessions depending on coachee’s requirements. The coaching is completely Results Oriented and would direct the coachee to define powerful goals, create a plan to accomplish them and regularly discuss and do course corrections during the intervention to get back on track. The key highlights of this intervention are:

  • Using a powerful blend of NLP, Neuroscience, Law of Attraction and Spiritual tools and frameworks right through the coaching intervention.
  • Doing an assessment of current state on all life dimensions viz work, health, family, money, relationships, and career.
  • Identifying and quantifying (scoring) the current state in all life dimensions
  • Identifying top areas of growth, setting targets and defining powerful goals to reach the defined targets
  • Formulating action plans to reach the goals
  • Identifying and developing plan to build powerful habits to sustain the results; and MUCH MORE……..
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